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To stay on track – you need to track your progress.



Building small consistent habits is one of the most effective ways to achieve personal long-term goals.
Over 40% of our daily activities are habitual. Leveraging the power of habits gives us a shortcut to achieving our long-term goals. Habit Daemon is designed to help you take control of your habits…


Minimalism is one of our core principles; eliminating clutter and prioritising helps remove the distractions that can stop you from making progress. This is particularly important when defining your goals. Habit Daemon is uncluttered and simple to use yet still powerful motivationally.


The Road to hell is paved with good intentions. Progress on significant life changes can easilly get derailed. One skipped day becomes two, then suddenly you are making New Year’s resolutions again.
Habit Daemon acknowledges inevitable slips and prepares you with mechanics to push through them. You can have a wobble, but not a crash..

Once you have set up your habits, using Habit Demon takes under a minute of your time each day.



The deceptively simple, yet exceptionally motivating, practice of building unbroken chains of days of your chosen task is at the heart of Habit Daemon.
The elegantly visual action of building streaks of action acts as a shortcut to better willpower. This is commonly known as Seinfield’s Secret…


Maintaining habits can be a lonely business. It is easy to get derailed. We provide you with your own Daemon, a digital friend, to keep you on track.
The Tamagoctchi-like Daemon is a unique motivational feature that uses the positive aspects of gamification without requring any complicated user interaction…


Timeboxing your tasks is a great way to deal with procrastination.
Habit Daemon provides a Focus Timer to enforce distraction-free slots of time to work in.  This is based on the Pomodoro technique, which is particularly useful in combating procrastination…

Elegant minimalist interface for less distraction

Define your habits

Track daily progress

Grow your Daemon

‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.’
Will Durant

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Simple – Effective

“The Zen Master of Habit Tracking Apps”

Habit builders

Feel the Daemon Love

“Doing daily HIIT to lose weight and regain fitness. I also try to study Portuguese every day. I’ve tried many habit trackers, they were either overcomplicated with stats, or gamified to the point they became another type of procrastination. The Daemon feature is encouraging without being distracting or a time-sink.
Habit Daemon just does it for me.  Simple, but keeps me on track.

Jane Elliot

School Teacher, UK

“ I have been smoking, on and off, since I was 16yrs old. I am now 34yrs and for the last three years had moved to vaping. I was lucky to get on the Habit Daemon beta. Going even a day without smoking has never been easy, but maintaining streaks on the App has really helped. Hitting a month was a huge milestone for me. My longest streak is now 43 days. ”

Florian B

IT Support, Netherlands

“I was struggling with procrastination on my college course and constantly late with assignments. I have to deliver an 80 page dissertation next year. Things became even worse when we went into lockdown and all our classes became remote. I was just binging on Netflix and then feeling anxious about my work. Habit Daemon helped me do a little each day instead of overthinking and panicking. My Daemon is very motivating (and cute!). ”

Colette Allen

Student, Ireland

“I am a hobbyist triathlete and trying Habit Daemon to track my daily committments. I use dedicated apps to track my cycle and running routes, but have had trouble establishing sleep and other daily routines due to my work.
I use Habit Deamon to track limits on my screen time and other household habits I want to establish for a more balanced life. Seeing the streaks grow is really satisfying and so far it is working well for me.”

Tom Langfield

Marketing, USA

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