The Chain screen is the feature you will use most in Habit Daemon. Building unbroken chains of your daily habits to easily see your progress.

You have a separate chain for each of your habits. To complete the habit just click on the icon and go to the habit screen.

Here you will be able to complete your habit by clicking on the ‘Complete’ icon if you have successfully finished your habit, or click on the ‘Forgive’ icon if you have skipped your habit for a day.
There is also a timer where you can set a focussed time for your habit and lastly a ‘Journal’ field where you can make some notes on your habit. These features are optional and you can tailor them to suit your needs.
Once you have completed your habit, it will join the chain on your habit chain screen.

The methodology derives from comedian Jerry Seinfeld who attributes his success to four simple words “don’t break the chain”.

Jerry understood that of all the sketches and jokes comedians think of, only a handful are truly top quality. Jerry decided that to become a better writer, rather than try to perfect his writing he would just write more. He decided to push for quantity knowing the quality would come.

His method was simple. He got a large wall calendar showing a whole year. Every day he wrote comedy, he use a red magic marker to cross off the day. Over time the longer the chain got the more emotionally invested he was in not ‘breaking the chain.’

It is a seminal example of someone purposefully ingraining a habit of small gains for long-term success.

Unlike a wall calendar, Habit Daemon’s easy interface lets you just tap to build your chain wherever you are. It’s easy to see your progress at any time.

Of course we are human and we can lapse, that is where the unique ‘Forgiveness’ feature comes in. See Wobble


“What gets measured gets managed”. This quote, usually attributed to managerial guru Peter Drucker encapsulates the ethos of tracking your progress.
Being aware of how you are doing enables you to keep accountable.

Looking back on your progress is a necessary tool to assess and tweak your strategy. Habit Daemon provides two very straightforward ways to assess your progress:

A visual depiction of your habit chain progress by month.
A journaling feature which lets you set notes for each habit you complete.