Free to use [up to 7 habits]. No Adverts. No Subscriptions. No ‘Premium’ version.

In App Purchases to enhance the experience.


A fair system: new users evaluate the program for free, committed users contribute to support development.

We provide a starter habit + 1000 Embers free. You can exchange embers for more habits, a Daemon or a bit of both; which means:

  1. You can download and use Habit Daemon for free.
  2. No Premium version.
  3. No Subscription.
  4. No Adverts
  5. Flexibility to exchange Embers for any item, rather than needing to buy items separately from the App Store.
  6. When a new feature is introduced you can use left-over Embers on it, rather than having to buy it for cash on the App Store.

How do I get more Embers?

  1. You can buy Embers in App (3 simple tiers, starting at less than the price of a coffee).
  2. Your Daemon will occasionally gift you Embers for consistent habit-keeping.

If you do want to support Habit Daemon, the best way you can do that is by buying a few Embers.

Some Examples:

Joe is trying to give up smoking, he just wants to tick off every day he goes without a cigarette.
Joe uses his free Habit and spends his gift Embers on nurturing his Daemon for a bit of motivation.
Joe uses Habit Daemon for free.

Penny is learning French and also wants to track her daily exercise and when she gets to sleep on time.
Penny has enough free Embers to track these activities and to grow a Daemon.
Penny wants to give her Daemon some extra features, so she buys some more Embers.

Takeshi is tracking his morning HIIT sessions and his study time for 5 different subjects.
Takeshi spends all his starter Embers on Habits and opts not to hatch a Daemon. He likes the focus timer and journal entries to track his studies.
Takeshi uses Habit Daemon free. As it is working well for him, he may invest in some more Embers to add some more habits.

Elizabeth is a mature student with procrastination problems and is tracking working each day on her dissertation, she uses the Timer to time-box her study sessions.
Elizabeth just tracks one habit, but loves how she is now working consistently.
Elizabeth buys a cornucopia of Embers to lavish some love on her Daemon and support the developers as she would like them to create some more features.