Embers are rewards for your progress.

Use them to grow and customise your Daemon.

    What are Embers for?

    1. Embers are used to buy items for your Daemon.
      This can be customisations, like buying it different Wings or Eyes.
      Or items to add to the Daemon Chamber.
    2. Items will be unlocked and made available to buy periodically depending on your progress with your habits.
    3. Some special items will be available at certain times of year.
    4. Once you have bought an item with Embers that items will always be available to you. For example if you buy Cat’s eyes for your Daemon, then later you change to Owl’s eyes  you will always be able to swap back to Cat’s Eyes without needing to purchase them again.

    How do I get Embers?

    1. You accumulate Embers as rewards, for example when you complete the first task of each day.
    2. You can buy Embers in App (3 simple tiers, starting at less than the price of a coffee). This is entirely optional if you want to show your daemon some extra love.
    3. If you are feeling flush and want to support the development of Habit Daemon, the best way you can do that is by buying a few Embers.

      You can always support Habit Daemon for free by just telling your friends about it.

      How do Embers affect my stats?

      1. Embers do not affect your progress or your Daemon’s Happiness.
        They are purely used to customise your Daemon and it’s environment. Your Daemon may interact differently with you depending on how your customise it and it’s chamber.
      2. Buying Embers is not a way of gaming your progress. Your stats purely reflect your progress with your Habits every day.
      3. So your progress accrues Embers, but your Embers do not affect your progress.