If you chase two rabbits, you catch neither”. If you try to work on too many areas of your life at the same time, you will soon be overwhelmed with commitments.

Minimalism is one of our core principles; eliminating clutter and prioritising helps remove the distractions that can stop you from making progress.

We advocate you bear this in mind in the first part of the process which is defining your goals. A common method is the SMART method which means your goals should be:

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We believe that the more uncluttered your environment is, the easier it is to focus on your goals, by environment we also mean the interfaces of the programs you use. We constantly iterated Habit Daemon in, what we call, ‘the search for elegance’. This has meant removing features and honing the experience to be as frictionless as possible. We endeavour to keep the app as minimal as possible with the fewest clicks and least complexity, whiled delivering the motivation and encouragement needed to support your goals.

Habit Daemon displays progress in a simple, visual way, without complex stats which can become a form of procrastination. In short you can use Habit Daemon minimally and it never takes up the attention that you need to focus on your goals.

One of the reasons for the creation of Habit Daemon was the glut of over-complicated productivity apps. Some take gamification to extremes where a user could be in danger of spending a lot of time playing with the app, distracted from the very habits that they want to establish.

One App proclaims: ‘you can track up to 100 habits’. This sounds like a recipe for disaster.
We believe you need to think about what you really want to achieve, then focus on core areas.

We would encourage you to discover more about minimalism, we will be adding some articles and references soon.

Habit Daemon provides a very unobtrusive experience, you only need to tap your habits once each day to build your chain. Interactions with your Daemon take very little time and the simple visual indicator means progress can be seen at a glance.