The Road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The problem with significant behavioural changes is that it is easy to get derailed. For one skipped day to become two, then to lose momentum.

Habit Daemon takes into account the inevitable slips, with tools to help you push  you through them.


Although “don’t break the chain” is a straightforward concept, one has to prepare for a break in the chain.

If you have a long chain that you are invested in, how will you react if you do break it? It will of course be disappointing or even feel devastating, you may decide to have a rest for a few days, which turn into a few more.

Habit Daemon deals with this in a unique way, called Forgiveness. 

One of the rules it that you forgive yourself and move on. Instead of tapping the ‘complete’ icon, you tap the ‘forgive’ icon. Your chain is now linked by a different icon, it identifies that you didn’t complete your task on this day, but the link shows that you haven’t given up either.
After a fall, the sooner you get back on the horse the better.
At times like this you must remember the long term goal, the long term goal isn’t the chain, the chain is the tool. A small lapse will not destroy the goal, letting it derail you will.

A variant of handling a lapse, is the ‘never twice’ rule, which allows you to miss a day, but never two.

Habit Daemon adds a few mechanics to help you further. One is a ‘longest chain’ achievement. If you have a long chain and fail a day. Your next goal is to build an even longer chain, a personal best. If you have beaten a previous chain your current streak icon will turn into a star declaring you are now on your personal best.